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Devbag Beach Devbaug is a little peninsular blessed with a long stretch of beach. The beach that starts at Devbag sangm extends seamlessly through Tarkarli upto Sindhudurg fort!

The white sand beaches of Devbag which start at the Devbag sangam where Karli back waters meet the arabian sea extends on uptil Sindhudurg fort in Malvan which by road is about 12 kms away! The famous Tarkarli beach along with Wayari beach is also a part of this stretch and is about 10 minutes drive away from SatyaSindhu homes.


S.C.U.B.A Diving definitely is the speciality of Malvan with one of the best dive sites in Maharashtra. The dive site at Devbaug is 5 minutes away from the bungalow.

Tsunami island a small island in the Karli backwaters off Devbag sangam is where water sports is organized in Devbag. All water rides like banana ride, bumper ride and flying fish along with parasailing in the sea is organized here.

Boating is very popular in Malvan and the boats from Devbag sangam can take you in the sea to the nearby islands or up the Karli backwaters. Dolphin watch rides are also very popular amongst the tourists here and you have the best chance of spotting a school of dolphin in entire Maharashtra during a boat ride off the coast of Devbag!


Sindhudurg Fort A Fort after which the district was named Sindhudurg fort is the most prominent landmark of this region. Built by Shivaji maharaj, Sindhudurg fort is the most well preserved sea fort in Maharashtra.

The main attraction in Tarkarli apart from the beaches is the famous Sindhudurg fort. The ferry to visit the Sindhudurg fort is available from the Malvan jetty and MTDC trained guides are available to take you on a guided tour of the Sindhudurg fort. About 50 kms away near the Kunkeshwar mandir is the Vijaydurg fort which is also worth a visit.

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